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Thread: Ad-free Modern Latics Board

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    Ad-free Modern Latics Board

    Hey Latics, I'm part of a community of football fans who love a good forum/bulletin board but hate adverts and the like. We've set up a new forum with modern design elements, and absolutely no adverts or paywalls. It's completely clean, rich in features and allows you to easily post on your own Latics forum or on the forum of another team. It's completely made by fans, for fans, with no intent to make any money.

    When you sign up, you can pick the team you follow and this will be displayed as a banner under your avatar when you post, but you're free to post in any team's forum.

    We started out as a Barnsley FC forum (so at the minute there are a lot of Barnsley fans), and the lack of adverts went down very well, so we've decided to move to a new domain and allow other teams to join us. It's a friendly site and you won't find any unsavouries here.

    We're working through inviting teams at random, and Wigan were the first pulled out of the hat!

    Check it out:
    Wigan forum:

    The forum allows for Facebook login, easy polls, a great 'like' system, a chatbox, simple profiles and avatars, message attachments, private messages etc etc.

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    Yes Id go along with this, its just started and is looking for new fans. Im part of the Barnsley mob on there.

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