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Thread: Anyone tend to become a bit forgetful about football at Xmas?

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    Anyone tend to become a bit forgetful about football at Xmas?

    I'll put my hand up and say I do because my head has literally been elsewhere. Apologies to Speedy for not putting my predictions (if or when I have done). I don't know about anyone else but this year has just flown out. Like it's been in fast forward mode for the last 6 months, compared to between January and March when I was trying to get my old flat in Kirkcaldy sold. That then felt like eternity but after moving - blimey - whoosh!

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    Have to agree that the year has flown by.After the year that killie have had it is great to finish the year on such a positive way.The midweek games are a real issue as we all seem to forget them them from time to time.especially the ones on a tueday.The last few months have flown by because my daughter has moved house and I have been involved in our local CIU club where I serve on the committee.Time does not go slower as you get older unfortunately,and whoosh sums up the speed it goes.I hope everyone had a good Christmas and I hope this week will see us in a good position in the league after such a stunning start to Stevie`s reign.

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