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Thread: Winter Olympics

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    Winter Olympics

    Anyone watching this? I wouldn’t normally watch ‘little rich kids’ prancing around on ice & snow, but I must admit I am enjoying it.

    Curling- Bowls on ice, rather therapeutic with the odd flash of crash bang wallop.

    Speed Skating- Bit mad and franetic.

    The Luge- F cking mental, sliding down a bobsleigh track on a biscuit tin lid at 80 mph.

    The Luge Pairs- Two of em on the same lid, one on top of the other. I wonder how they hold on, or what they hold onto, more tea vicar?

    Skeleton- Head first sliding down a bobsleigh track on a slightly bigger biscuit tin lid at 80 mph.

    Snowboard Cross- A mad, everyman/woman for themselves race down a crazy course.

    Ice Hockey- Fighting on ice.

    They do get a bit of lottery funding, but with only a couple of ice rinks about and no snowboard facilities or bobsleigh courses most train abroad, Mom & Dad would need to be minted.
    Still, it has been fun at times regardless of the of social elitism of the athletes. I’d love to see little Jimmy from the Gorbals having a go at some of these events instead of Cuthbert ‘outa’ Godalming Surrey, residing in San Moritz.

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    I must admit, I didn't watch any of it, Exiled.

    I used to love watching the skating comp as a kid and longed to possess the elegance on ice of the female skaters, but I'm with you re the little kid thing being a bit of a turn off. I love the back stories of the summer Olympic athletes and the sacrifices made that could all go so wrong on the day.

    Glad you enjoyed it though. Maybe I should have given it a chance

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    To be honest I've not watched much of it since Orville and Dean.

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