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Thread: We may have a fight on our hands to keep Clarke...

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    We may have a fight on our hands to keep Clarke...

    Here we go again folks - we beat Rangers what happens? We get 3 points sure but their fans are already demanding Clarke leave us for Rangers plus Jones and Mulumbu by summer! This is supported by BBC commentators too (BBC Sportsound). I mean WTF? We've been here before many a time! The old firm (mainly Rangers) unsettling opponents players/managers just so that, we start a losing streak then they will nab them off us for peanuts!

    I am not aware of any rule against this but if the SFA do not step in should rumours start, then the national team can get to feck! Why is their no protection for smaller clubs against the old firm? SFA are no longer fit for purpose and instead of moving out of Hampden, they should be reorganising themselves into a company that is suitable for everyone not just the fecking old firm!!!!

    Sorry for the swearing but RANT OVER!

    Do you think if rumours start that, the club will do everything it can and win the battle to keep Clarke (despite everything that Rangers throw at us) Remember the Boyd and Naisy situation donkeys ago! OR do you think that Rangers will do what they have done to us in the past, unsettle him then he will sign for Rangers for nothing?
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    Never mind the swearing the points you put are completely true and have happened time and time again.let us hope that Stevie is with us for quite a while.With all his family connections in Kilmarnock he may feel at home.LET US HOPE

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