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Thread: lines on the departure of.....

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    lines on the departure of.....

    So. Farewell

    Editor, Moderator
    And much-loved
    Icon of

    Yes. You were its First and
    Most well known boss.

    And, at the
    Time of writing,
    You are likely to be its last.

    Some may
    Regard your demise as positive.
    I do not.

    E Jarvis Thribb
    Aged 13

    This thread notes the deletion of Bloomer's farewell thread by persons unknown and finds it amazing that such disrespect can be shown by the authorities to a long term servant. 20 years for what?

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    What’s going on...why’s Bloomer’s departure note been deleted?

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    He chose to spoil his departure by choosing to spam the forum.

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