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Thread: Beating Chelsea.

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    Beating Chelsea.

    If you could choose one game against Chelsea to win would it be the league game or the semi final? Me? I'd choose the league game.

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    I would as well if we were in less danger, but as we are, I am not so sure. I would hate to lose a possible Wembley trip and still see us getting relegated. Though even saying that I am inclined to go for the 3 points as much more important right now.

    And yes I am dithering.

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    Evening Chief, long time no see.
    A no brainer for me, cup semi final as they are days that stay with you for a long time.
    Also, even if by some miracle we beat Chelsea on Saturday I still think we'll go down, but I'm fine with that and will probably start to go to more games again, the championship is a much more interesting league and we'll get rid of all the prima donnas who are currently stealing a living
    Good to see you posting again, hope all is well

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    Shotts, mate, good to hear from you. All's well with me and mine, a few lbs heavier and a little less hair perhaps but happy nontheless. Just about the answer I would have expected from you, I remember you like a good cup run and I'm starting to feel the same about the Prem myself. At least we've a few players out on loan in the Championship so they should be ready if or when we go down. Regards to your old fella.

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    Not quite the question asked but I'd take winning the cup but being relegated all day long.

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    3 Points for sure. Premier League status much more important.

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    Under normal circumstances I would agree but with the current management I worry it would simply postpone the inevitable drop. If not this year the for next.

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