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Thread: Huddersfield

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    Just watched Chelsea v Huddersfield.

    Some epic defending from the visitors and a well deserved (and massively unexpected) point to secure their PL status.

    Credit where it's due - draws against City and Chelsea in their last two games. Cap is duly doffed.

    Now need to ensure neither Swansea nor City stage goal frenzies this Sunday.

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    Brilliant Huddersfield, well done to them.

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    I'm not a religious man but I'm praying for Swansea and City to win 6-0

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    After The Terriers lost to Everton a few weeks back I thought they we gonners with the 3 games they had left so fair play to them for what they've done
    Maybe its just being a Saints fan for all these years but I think its far from done and dusted, I thought our celebrating after Tuesdays game and what Charlie said during his interview was rather premature, hope it doesn't come back to bite us on the arris.
    If we do stay up then its been down to 3 teams being even more hopeless than we've been this season

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