Just wanted to say thank you so much for the respect you showed Arsčne today. If only our Wenger Out scum had behaved with such civility.

Glad Wenger clapped you back - he normally used to ignore our "Arsčne, give us a wave" chants cos he was concentrating on the game.

Liked the "You only came for the tee-shirts" chant, and especially the "You wanted him gone, you wanted him gone, you two faced bąstards, you wanted him gone." I hope that hurt some of our fans.

You were robbed today. You were all over us, and that shot that hit the bar would have been a stunning goal had it gone in. Don't know how you're so low down in the table if you can play like that.

Maybe you should take Arsčne to do a Herbert Chapman in reverse.

Anyway, thanks again and best of luck next year. I'll pop in and say hello when you beat the Sperz.