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I see, in an effort to save mankind, they are pondering the idea of refreezing the Arctic. Google how because I sure as hell don't know.

I had a similarly brazen idea to help global warming. Hear me out....

They are always on about sea levels getting dangerously high. I saw a thing about a nuclear power plant at Hinkley Point and it sucked in about 100 tonnes of water an hour to keep the reactor cool and to use for super heating to produce the steam that eventually spins the turbines that generate the power.

Build more nuclear power plants! If we have loads of power plants sucking in that amount of sea water the levels are bound to go down and we get electricity at the same time. Win win.

I don't even mind if anyone claims this idea as their own.
I'll reply since you're not happy that everyone ignored your cunning plan.

Unfortunately once the steam is superheated it condenses again and gets returned. If you fancy going swimming near a nuclear power plant you'll probably find the sea is unseasonably warm there. Nice try though. Back to the drawing board