Please do not hate me or insult me just for writing this as I am Newcastle United fan 100% and as Magpie fan I do still have a very strong dislike for your team however…………..

I do not know too many Magpies that are willing to say that they want you guys back up in the Premiership and for that matter it would be great also to be graced by the presence of other north east teams such as Middlesbrough and Leeds. It is great to get one over each other. It is a win for the Northeast to have more teams playing at the top level. This would also generate more money and more jobs in the Northeast of the country.

It is great for me to be able to sit here in the warmth of my own country about to celebrate Christmas with my family in 39 degree heat while you all freeze yourselves but I have been watching the Netflix special and have noticed many things that I feel would help your team.

I lived in Newcastle for a while whilst spending over 14 years living in the UK. I have been to Sunderland a lot with work too and Middlesbrough. You guys live and breath your own club. I know your owners in the past have dished out loads of money on players and then the cash dried up and they were no longer prepared to pay money out for a mediocre place at the end of the season.

As a Magpie we give just as much grief to our players and managers and Mike Ashley and there is a core group of supporters that are undermining the team by trying to get fans to stay away from SJP on match day. That just hurts the players and the team in general. And this is one of your biggest problems…..filling the stadium. I have never been inside your stadium but FFS turn up. Make noise. Positive noise. Make the difference by supporting your team. I know you are not even playing in the Championship but come on.

We need an opportunity to beat you again and that is not going to happen if there are two divisions between us. And I do not need a smart ass getting on here and saying we might be closer next season. I am more than aware of our own problems. If you can fill your stadium even by offering free admission and start making positive noise, the team will gain more confidence and start winning. Start winning and your team can gain promotion. That should result in more money and more jobs in the Northeast. But what do I know?????

I am just trying to give an unbiased opinion from the outside looking in!