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Thread: Fantasy League Review 2019/2020

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    Fantasy League Review 2019/2020


    No quarter given, no prisoners taken as our managers fight 🥊 (literally) for the honour to be crowned 👑 the managerial king of Villa Mad Fantasy League and the bragging rights that go with it.

    Reminder - Fantasy League kicks off on Friday 9th August 8pm with Liverpool v Norwich so make sure you hand your team sheets in on time

    At present 11 teams have reported back for preseason training. Obviously Winnie as our revered

    leader automatically gets top spot. 🥳

    Winnie - Winnie’s Warriors

    Rosie - Tyrone’s Abs

    Iwuz- The Crimson Tide

    Uncle Tony - Swordfish

    Yubby - Injury Prone Xl

    Picasso - Jack in the Net

    Gornal - Claret & Blue Army

    HJ - Aston Lilla

    Bongo - Sausage United

    McGinn it to Win it - Sam

    The Billesley Villan - BB

    Bit of a shock with Picasso ditching Cubist Masterpiece in favour of Jack in the Net. 🤪

    Both Uncle Tony and Iwuz hoping for a taste of glory as they revert back to previously used team names. 😝

    BB tweaks his team name. 😜

    Picasso, Rosie, Bongo, and Sam hoping and praying 🙏 a change of name will bring a change of fortune. 🤪

    Plenty of managerial headaches ahead.

    Who are these new Premier League recruits?

    Actually picking a team is proving very challenging.

    I think VAR decisions could cause managerial meltdowns.

    Will Oz retain his crown.........................or will one of our perennial bridesmaids Sam, Uncle Tony or Winnie emerge victorious or will Bongo’s Sausage sizzle to the title or will one of the many from mid table up their game. 😆

    Who’s for the drop? 😱

    Will Bongo reach a 100 transfers.😝

    Will Picasso complete a hat trick of 7th place finishes.😜

    So come and join us guys. Newbies are welcome and you will need the code cghqrt to join the league also you will need to undergo Winnie’s due diligence scrutiny which basically means the league is open to VM posters, family and friends.

    This is the final table for the 2018/2019

    💥💥💥💥💥 Oz and Ozstan Villa 🏆 💥💥💥💥💥.....2229 Well played Oz👏👏👏👏👏

    2. Sam - Large Icardi & Koke - 2216 - Hard luck Sam 👏👏👏👏👏

    3. Winnie - Winnie’s Warriors - 2202 - Winnie just holding off Uncle Tony’s late onslaught

    4. Uncle Tony - Mr Tee - 2193

    5. BB - Billesley Villans- 2162

    6. Nuc - Mings the Merciless- 2149

    7. Picasso- Cubist Masterpiece - 2132

    8. Rosie - Busted Flush F C - 2042

    9. Dazzy - Dazzysbarmyarmy - 1079

    10. Yubby - 8 Daughters F C - 1969

    11. Jesh - Kirkley Krusaders - 1969

    12. HJ - Aston Lilla - 1951

    13. Gornal - Claret & Blue Army - 1948

    14. Bongo - Agbonlahor United - 1947

    Relegation 😱

    15. Iwuz - Notsa Alliv - 1936

    16. Liam - Aston Liam - 1922

    17. States - Nas T Killa - 1878

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    I've already chosen my team. It will undoubtedly chance before the 8th August. Fantasy football back and villa in the premier league. Fandabydozy

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    Yes, exciting times ahead Rosie. I felt I had taken my Masterpiece as far as it could go and have taken up residence with a new team (although you’re going to need to get the spelling right as ‘in’ sits very uncomfortably when it should read ‘of’!). Still got auto select on at the mo until transfers have been completed. Everyone looks very expensive this year so need to look for some bargains. Last year’s ones have gone up significantly in price!

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    Thanks Rosie!

    Yes, I'm sure us perennial bridesmaids will be jostling each other in yet another attempt to catch the FL winner's bouquet. I'm a bit worried that Oz will refuse to throw it this year though - he hasn't changed out of his bride's outfit since that fine day in May! Giggles.

    I see our serial bride Dazzy has also made an appearance

    We've also got a new name I don't recognise. Richard, manager of MIDLAND GIANTS AVFC... Hi Richard. If you could let us know who you are (ie your VM poster name) or if you are a family member of friend of a VM poster, perhaps they could let us know who you are on your behalf. It's just to make sure that you get to keep your place in the League, and so we, and especially Rosie, can identify you for her amazing updates.

    For any newbies in general, it would be really useful if you could either incorporate your poster name into your team name or Manager name so we know who you are or come on and post to let us know who are. We're very welcoming but we do have a strict policy of VM posters and their friends and families only for this League (just because we like to know who we are competing against to make the comp more fun).

    If it's okay with everyone, I'll keep any unknowns in the League until just before the start of the season and then just take out any teams we don't recognise then to give managers a chance to reveal themselves ...
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    Again, for any newbies, the link to join the FL is:

    You just need to register and create a team (auto complete will do for now if you are busy). You can change it as many times as you like before the start of the season.

    Once you have done this, you can join our League of Merry Managers . Click on Leagues. Join new League. Then type in the code cghqrt and you should magically appear! Any problems, we'll try to help!

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    I don't need any help. I'm unstoppable this season.

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    I’m in and gotta say it seems harder than last season tbh with the prices

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    My son Harry is joining us this year. He is 8 and I hope he doesn't beat me

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    I knew you were Prince Charles.

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    Haha actually you aren't far off my children's names!

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