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Thread: R.I.P. CN58 - AKA BennieBoy David G Reid

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    R.I.P. CN58 - AKA BennieBoy David G Reid

    I have just heard from Lazaat who tells me that the Benedictine King has passed. Others might know him as CN58 - Clarets Nut 58

    I man who wore his heart on his sleeve and said what he thought.

    R.I.P Dave and long kive the king and may you shake the hand of Solwaycoast the Annan Athletic Gent and King

    Sad day for me

    UTC's have a beer in the Lounge for me

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    Thanks for putting this on here Gaz he would have appreciated it, He was one in a Million and a staunch Burnley lad.

    R.I.P. Me old mucker.

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