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I stated months ago that if Boris was appointed leader and went to the country he’d wipe the floor with Labour and the remain whingers.........I was right.

In the last few days the London media were in a frenzy like the Left leaning press.....”the polls are tightening” they shrieked!

My wife was worried.......I told her it was b o l l o x and that it’d be a landslide.

As soon as that Labour cretin was recorded telling his mate at Guido Fawkes that it was .....”a disaster” it was clear it was all over.

A student mate of mine got all dewey eyed over Swinson and the Dim Lemmings in the last few weeks........I told him they’d bomb and that she'd lose her seat.

Most of this isn’t rocket science......if you just look at it clinically how could the result have possibly have been any different given the players and the narrative.

The nations students all Tweeting and revving themselves up and convincing themselves Labour was nailed on.

The truth was elsewhere.

At my polling station yesterday I visited twice,once to deliver my son in the evening and once for myself,my wife made her own visit.

On all three visits we were dodging Zimmer frames and wheelchairs.

We were holding doors open for the elderly........we saw only one person under 30 apart from my son.

A million “right on Leftie” students on Soshaal Meeedya are no match for the 50-100 brigade in this country.....thank god there’s still vast numbers of us around who remember life under an incompetent Labour Party in the 70’s.......this won’t change anytime soon with the elderly continuing to outgrow the young!

Speaking as a “New Labour” voter under Blair I see it like this.

Whoever they choose has Nooooo chance of winning next time around,the best they can hope for is a Kinnock type figure ( maybe young Kinnock ) to be a sacrificial lamb in the way Hague also was for the Tory’s,to lead a five plus year period of weeding out.

Kinnock senior bravely took on Derek Hatton and his nutters in the mid to late 80’s.......someone needs to tackle Momentum or Labour are completely f u c k e d.

This country will never vote in a radical hard Left party.

The grip Momentum have is vice like and frightening.

I think Dan Jarvis is a good man but he’s not being spoken about.

Starmer is tainted by remain but a solid pair of hands.

Emily Thornberry is a horror show and s gift to the Tory’s.

Jess Phillips a bit too much of a bleeding heart.

Lisa Nandy a nice girl but maybe not tough enough.

Richard Burgon a complete joke as is Barry Gardner and that Ashworth gob sh I t e.

The cupboard is pretty bare.

I think the best choice is Yvette Cooper if I’m honest,she’s grown on me whilst out of power.

I feel really sorry for Caroline Flint.....a terrific MP and a solid leaver who didn’t deserve to lose her seat.......I could’ve voted for Caroline and I think she’d have made a great leader.

I’m pleased Boris won and I’m delighted we are leaving like I always told you we would 123 but I’m genuinely sad that Labour are so hopeless.

It’s a minimum of 10 years until they have any chance again of forming a government even if they pick the right leader now but more likely 15 years.

I predict they’ll go for Rebecca Wrong Daily as she’s know amongst other Labour MP’s and she will be a disaster.

Until Momentum are purged Labour are in perpetual darkness.

The Dim Lemmings are also toast.

If I was involved in politics at a high level I’d be forming a new “Labour Democrat” style party to include the best of the Libs,the centrist Labour and the disaffected centrist Tory MP’s......I feel this is becoming inevitable.
Despite our differences on here, there is much we agree with.

My thought process before the election is that there would be a surge to vote Labour by the undecided vote like there was in 2017. Clearly this did not happen and I was wrong.

My initial thought after the election, much like everyone else, is that this issue was decided by Brexit and Labour got it wrong. Now I don't think that was the case at all. Had Labour backed Remain or Leave heavily, they would have lost seats to the other side. The real issue was their appeal and how far left they were. As you say, correctly in my opinion, is that Momentum have taken the Labour Party and reincarnated them into the Socialist Party - hemorrhaging them votes.

I didn't vote Labour, there's a lot about them I can't vote for - but that applies more so to me to the Tories. That sentiment didn't apply to other voters though, I would say many saw the Tories as 'the least worst' option and that's why they voted for them. Having said that, I probably would have voted for Labour tactically had I been in a Tory/Labour marginal seat.

Corbyn is unelectable, not because he has been smeared by the press - you have to expect that being leader of Labour Party. But his policies were poor and the Labour Party did nowhere near enough to appeal to centrists or swing voters. Some of whom were forced out of the party.

Either way, the Tories have won the election now. It is what we will have to live with for another 5 years - be it good or bad. Even though I suspect he won't, my hope is that Boris keeps his promises. That will genuinely make me happy.

I don't agree with you that it is a minimum of 10 years before Labour can regain power. Their next leader is pivotal. I would be happy with Jess Phillips or Yvette Cooper. I think Starmer is intelligent, but he may be stained by being in the Corbyn circle and I'm not sure he has the charisma. If they appoint someone like that and not a Corbyn #2. And BoJo doesn't meet the promises he has made re Brexit/Nurses/Police Officer/Hospitals then the next election could be all to play for.

If Labour appoint another far left candidate, they can forget about even coming close to the Tories for a long time to come. To be honest, all Tories should be thanking Corbyn for keeping them in power for the last 10 years and the next 5 to come.