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Thread: Up to date table after Week 22

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    Up to date table after Week 22

    191 claw84
    185 griff
    185 Tricky1966
    183 alfinyalcabo
    181 Altobelli
    165 davee59
    145 frenchlion
    126 dagenhamJohn
    118 Acido

    So claw has regained first place and there is now a 6 points gap to griff in second. We have lost another predictor as gaz1959 has fallen by the wayside. At least we won't have to predict Swindon's game anymore, I reckon they have been the most unpredictable of all the teams that we support!!

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    Still very close at the top, most of us had good scores, wish I could guess the lottery numbers.

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