So says the Manager, well I thought that was his job? So now Pepe Reina is some sort of coach, was that not the role of JT?
Something is not right (again) down the church. Im not sure the camp has harmony and that can be very anti productive.
If we go a goal down today loook for the finger pointing and heads dropping especially Jacks! I may be barking up the wrong tree and its all part of the relegation panic but when we have no striker(s) and its muted Smith wants another midfielder, i have to ask the question just whos team is it, whos buying the players. Im pretty sure if it was Smith and not Susso we would have signed both Maupay and Bowen in the summer, just where has Samatta come from? Cannot see Smith picking him out from the Begium 2nd tier??
I feel there is a power struggle, some rumours have suggested Smith out Terry in, just like Lampard or Gerrard? Ever noticed on the touch line smith and his buddy talking you know with the classic hand cupped over the mouth so no one on TV watching can call the oppostion manager with his instructions, who would want ours?? But in this process you always see JT walk over as if to get involved but the pair just ignore him and Terry just walks back to the dug out having contributed nothing. Is it like this in training? Just what is the point in JT, after all our defence is a shambles.
No, im concerned. I just hope Smith is not displaced on the last day of the transfer window.
Anyone else smell a rat?