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Thread: Injustice and B T

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    Under the headline "Fatah and the [PA] Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned the occupation's invasion of al-Aqsa Mosque," the paper wrote: "The Fatah Movement emphasized that the Israeli occupation forces' invasion of the Aqsa Mosque yesterday, Friday [Jan. 17], in the early morning is an obvious violation of the Islamic holy sites, under clear American cover and with no deterrent.
    "[Fatah] Movement spokesman Iyad Nasr noted yesterday, Friday, that this is a real war and ethnic cleansing against our Palestinian people, its land, and its holy sites," the article said. "However, [the war] will not succeed in stealing from our people its will to remain and its standing firm on its land.' He added: 'We will defend our al-Aqsa Mosque and our holy sites, and we will not allow them [Israel] to violate them and pass the occupation's plots that strive to divide the holy city [Jerusalem] by areas, and times – whatever the cost may be.’"

    Friday prayers were broken up by Israel Police at al-Aqsa on January 17 after a preacher told several hundred worshippers that Jerusalem would soon be the capital of an Islamic caliphate, and the crowd began to chant nationalistic slogans and cause disturbances.

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    I often ponder just how the heck the Arabs ever managed to build a mosque in the capital of Jewishness?

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    How the heck the Arabs ever managed to build a mosque in the capital of Jewishness? = it was not jewishness!!!

    1000 BCE - King David Conquers Jerusalem; Declares City Capital of Jewish Kingdom
    960 BCE - David's Son, King Solomon, Builds First Jewish Temple
    586 BCE - Babylonian Forces Destroy Jerusalem and Demolish First Temple
    remember ''By the waters of Babylon, we sat down and wept?''
    516 BCE - Cyrus Permits Jews in Babylonian Exile to Return to Jerusalem; Second Temple Built
    70 CE - Roman Forces Destroy Jerusalem and Demolish Second Temple
    The Roman historian Dio Cassius reported that 580,000 Jews died in battle fighting the Romans; it was impossible to determine the number that died of starvation. Hundreds of Jewish towns around Jerusalem were destroyed. The destruction of Jewish settlement following the Bar Kochba revolt was far greater than the loss of life and property suffered after the previous revolt. So many thousands of Jews were sold as slaves that the price of a slave was the same as the price of one day's supply of hay for a horse.
    135 CE - Jerusalem Rebuilt as a Roman City,....and renamed ''Aelia Capitolina''.
    Jews were now forbidden to reside within a ten mile radius of Jerusalem.
    Two main streets originating at Damascus Gate crossed the city. Part of one of these streets, the cardo, is in the Old City's Jewish Quarter.
    In May 614 C.E. the Persian army under the leadership of King Chosroes II conquered Jerusalem,
    In 629 Jerusalem reverted to Byzantine rule, after the Emperor Heraclius waged a successful campaign against the Persians.
    In 638 C.E. the city was conquered by the Moslem Caliph Omar.

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    The Cardo ,a roman street runing through Jerusalem

    The Mosque , the ''Dome of the Rock '' on the temple mount

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    While Jerusalem was changing hands between Byzantine and Christian rulers, the prophet Mohammed was forming a new religion in the Arabian Peninsula - Islam. Mohammed and his early followers knew of the sanctity of Jerusalem and maintained a theoretical closeness to Judaism. During Islam's early years the qibla (direction of prayer) was north towards Jerusalem, only later during Mohammed's stay in Medina did begin to face Mecca (south) instead.

    Another source of Jerusalem's significance to Islam is a story in the Koran, known as the "Night Journey of Mohammed". In this story, Mohammed is transported by night on a white, winged steed, named al-Buraq, from the Great Mosque in Mecca to the "Furthest Mosque" (in Arabic - Al Aqsa). After praying in cave beneath the nearby "Foundation Stone", the Prophet continued on to heaven, before returning to Mecca the same night. Despite the fact that in the Koran the site of the "Furthest Mosque" is never mentioned and that other cities, such as Kufa, were initially identified with this event, by the late seventh century the connection between Jerusalem and the "Night Journey of Mohammed" was firmly entrenched in Islamic tradition. This story was to become the raison d'etre for Islam's two most important shrines in Jerusalem, the Al Aqsa Mosque and Dome of the Rock, and the driving force behind Moslem ambitions to rule the city to this day.

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    It's all bollox to me Balan and I see no excuse whatsoever for how the Israelis are treating the people of Palestine in 2020.

    Not often I agree with this tool either...

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    ''the people of Palestine ?'' where the phck is that? 'Palestine?'

    That tool ,just words written by some member of his staff!

    He wishes them '' “freedom, justice and equality”. So that's all? So do I ! So what?.....words words ! Nothing changes !

    He later addressed clerics from across a range of denominations, describing how he had worked to bring together people of different faiths.
    “Elsewhere in the world too, I have endeavoured to build bridges between different religions so that we might learn from each other and be stronger together as a result.
    .......Yes can we learn from Islam?? Religions are dogmatic.Each religion has it's own sentiment.Like football clubs! Can you be a 'Rovers' fan?

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    Why pick on kids? It baffles me, it really does...

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    Trump needs to sort out his own backyard...

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    Good morning BT : Have you taken Breakfast? Fear not the mind can imagine terrible things !

    Missing 8-year-old boy from E. Jerusalem found dead in rainwater pit.

    Medical officials pronounced the death of a 8-year-old boy from a Palestinian neighbourhood in East Jerusalem.
    His body was found earlier on Saturday in a rainwater pit after his family reported him missing on Friday afternoon.

    Before he was found dead early Saturday morning, the disappearance of an eight-year-old boy from the Jerusalem neighbourhood of Beit Hanina was snowballing into a political football that threatened the tenuous calm between Jews and Arabs in the capital.
    Relatives of Abu Ramila claimed to have security footage showing the boy entering a car Friday afternoon, raising suspicions that he had been kidnapped.

    The family issued a statement saying: “We demand the police check security footage [from the streets]. If it turns out he was kidnapped by settlers it would set the entire neighbourhood on fire,”

    The boy’s father later clarified that the video didn’t contain footage of his son, but some residents marched toward the nearby Jewish neighbourhood of Neveh Ya’acov. Rock throwing ensued when police prevented them from entering the neighbourhood and 12 demonstrators were lightly injured and three arrested.

    Adding fuel to the fire, Palestinian politician Hanan Ashrawi re-tweeted a tweet from an account named “Real Seif Bitar” that accused “Israeli settlers” of kidnapping and executing Abu Ramila and also accused IDF soldiers of assaulting search teams. Ashrawi added to her tweet “the heart just shatters, the pain is unbearable, no words.”

    This is a case of how religion a sentiment, effects the society......and your future King “Elsewhere in the world too, I have endeavoured to build bridges between different religions so that we might learn from each other and be stronger together as a result.

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