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Thread: Charlton Athletic v Barnsley Match Thoughts

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    I feel for the likes of Mowatt, Woodrow, Chaplin who have given us some great moments this season and run their bag out.
    You can see they’re getting deflated because it doesn’t matter how hard they work it’s never going to be good enough with the defense we’ve got.

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    From worrav seen on various highlights and read in various comments Charlton's confidence was as fragile as ours as they had gone 18 games with only one win. Instead of going at them from the start we let them establish a two goal lead which proved too much to pull back. When we did avva go at them it showed they are as bad as us regarding fragile confidence. This result may kick start a revival for them whereas we ev sunk further into the septic tank.

    I blame the owners.

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    An absolutely monumental summer coming up for the club if we all accept the fact we are as good as relegated .

    Woodrow , Chaplin , Mowatt and Brown will be sold , looking at it pragmatically they have to be sold to offset the loss of championship tv revenue and for them personally they aren't going to want to be scratching around in league one .

    Thiam , Cavare , Pinillos , McGeehan and Dougall will probably leave the club as free agents , I believe Radlinger only has a 12 month deal although I maybe mistaken on that .

    There's also the possibility that Wilks and Sibbick could leave the club too .

    As we can see there's some rebuilding job to do here this coming summer , whether Struber remains at the club is also open to debate .

    At least 10 players leaving the club and replacements have to be found on less revenue with us offering less personal terms I would imagine .

    The club is in a far different place to where it was after the last relegation and the arrival of Daniel Stendel , the majority of that squad were kept together which made the transition to league one rather easier than a significant rebuild of the squad .

    We also had a new HC who came with a plan , very successful plan as it turned out .

    There are absolutely no similarities to tap into following this particular relegation from the last one two years ago , none what so ever .

    The players who are likely to remain here are

    J Williams
    B Williams
    Diaby ??



    One or two bright young things but largely underwhelming for me even a level lower .

    There's a massive imbalance within the squad , plenty of defensive options but by and large very little quality .

    Midfield also looking very thin of quality other than possibly Simoes and Thomas .

    The forward positions need very little comment from me .

    What's pretty clear to me is that even though 10 players are likely to leave we most certainly don't need 10 coming in .

    Now then this is a bit of a landmark with regard to the ownership and the plan .

    Are they going to bring in 10 players hoping that three of them will develop to be sold on for a tidy profit ?


    Are they going down the route of adding the four or five quality players we clearly are going to need to get ourselves in contention next season .

    We need two quality strikers for a start plus two very good central midfield players , a decent right back wouldn't be a bad idea either .

    With four or five smart hit the ground running players joining the club we may have at least a competitive chance next season in league one .

    Another summer such as last year and we could be skating on very thin ice in my opinion .

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    With what they have shown so far Animal it will be option 2! As for who comes in will depend on the new HC as Struber will be sacked so they can say he failed and they took immediate action to appease supporters!
    To be fair he’s not all that is he really? His tactics are very questionable!

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    Quote Originally Posted by perkytyke View Post
    With what they have shown so far Animal it will be option 2! As for who comes in will depend on the new HC as Struber will be sacked so they can say he failed and they took immediate action to appease supporters!
    To be fair he’s not all that is he really? His tactics are very questionable!
    I think Struber's future will pretty much depend on how we go down as opposed to will we go down .

    If some fight is shown and we take the season to the last couple of games then they maybe enough to give him a crack next season .

    If we are relegated with 4 or 5 games still left to play then I'd suggest a change might be in the air .

    Either way I'd be tempted to make the change and get a new HC in with the benefit of the summer transfer window and a pre season , breath some new life in to a potentially deflated group as we did two years ago .

    I wouldn't be wasting much time either , once we are officially relegated then he gets his cards .

    It might appear a tad harsh on the guy but these two clowns who he's brought over from his old club have massively blotted his copy book for me and I think there's a huge question mark on his understanding of the realities of english football .

    If his two lads were possibly like for like with the quality already here then I might give him the benefit of the doubt , the truth is they aren't even league one standard , absolutely woeful footballers .

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    Not too sure if Woodrow and Mcgeehan haven't extended their contracts Mowatt too ? Most will leave no matter what ,when we go down , The club pointed out " we are now in a stronger position to keep our better players all on 3/4 year contracts " more ballax , just rejigged words ,
    will they explain anything to the fans ? No I thought the same , Struber hopefully leaves and takes his skiing team with him , the board hopefully follow suit ,
    "You've Killed Our Club "

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    Quote Originally Posted by animallittle3 View Post
    Just our kind of fight Exile , I'd drive down to the midlands and pick you up if necessary .

    This is our club and not some speculative play thing for wannabe w@nkers to profit from at our expense .

    Time for the support to gain some teeth and do summat about it .

    It won't change sat on your @ss , history is your reference .
    So are you two going to pack in your Little and Large tribute act and actually do something? It's great hearing that you want to fight, but are we going to see any actual action?

    #for the many not the few

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    How odd that the first thing this loon thinks of, having just got back from Paris [presumably to watch the Six Nations game] is to have a sarcastic pop at people expressing their frustration at the way their football club is being ruined Obviously prefers not to give his support to his home town club or show any emotion thereto

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