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Thread: MillersMad Matchthread - The Millers v Burton

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    MillersMad Matchthread - The Millers v Burton

    I'll just get the Marmite dislike out of the way and then I can happily get on with my day.

    It was a good win that we had down at theirs and seriously it was a game that we edged, just but it was three points anyway that added wth the rest means that we are definately not going down! 50 points up we can now push on and go for the title!

    I have my brother in law and wife with us this weekend and he's been reeling off some stats! We've only won the league twice in our history so we're due one! Does Warne have the record of being involved with more promotions than any other player? One for you to converse over a pint with your mates today maybe.

    It seems that Matty Goodwin the ifollow commentator is calling red wine 'promotion juice' so we better had open a bottle for the match! I suggest that you do the same (within moderation).

    Back to the game. Burton have at best been under the rador this season and are 9 ponts off the top. I expected more of them but the league is tight at the top. 9 points between us and 10th place and some have plat=yed less than us. For example Burton have 2games in hand so could be within 3 points if they were win. Take this into account, if we lose to them and they win their games in hand then there's only goal difference that will seperate us!

    Tight at the top! We have to keep up our form! We have to keep winning and put some daylight beween us and the rest.

    It's going to be a great league to win and we can do it!

    Enjoy the match boys and girls!

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    3-1 millers

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    4-0 millers

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    Awkward game. Burton donít give much away.
    2-0 to us.

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    Five bad tackles against us, no free kicks given.
    Slight touch on one of their players , penalty given

    Incensed Curtis watching in the stand runs on the pitch and decks the ref.
    Gets banned for rest of the season

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    After the demolition of Ipswich we all must be relishing today's game. Very windy today - hope it doesn't spoil it. I'll go with pocket (daft not to) 3 - 1 to us

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    Bonjour Froglet and fellow Madsters.

    Crash may well be right with his thoughts on 'Five bad tackles against us, no free kicks given.
    Slight touch on one of their players , penalty given' as it's been one of those seasons with poor officials this season.

    We just have to keep our cool throughout the team and focus on the play to win. We are looking extremely solid and love to take it to teams of late where as earlier in the season we didn't get going intil the opposition scored first. Keep up our tempo and we should be okay.

    One slight moan today, in that Iversen never wears a frigging cap and the sunshine will blind him today. Let's hope this doesn't affect his game when coming to collect.

    I was going finish by saying onwards and upwards but in our case it's upwards and upwards!

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    Millers- unchanged team (4-4-2)

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    Morning Frog'n'all. 6.00am and no sign of dawn yet here on the West Coast. I'm back and struggling with the jet lag but it gives me a chance to catch up with the Millers news and views.

    Not being the underdog is a new, and in some way uncomfortable, position for us Millers. Every game is one we really don't want to lose. Let's say I feel very cautiously optimistic about a win. Anything else these days is hubris...

    A little early for the red wine for me, Frog. (Slightly worse than Weetabix at this time of day in my book, CAM.) However I will have a celebratory slug later if we do well.
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