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Thread: Elvis sang to me last night.

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    Elvis sang to me last night.

    It must of been the Baileys that was left over from Christmas. Elvis appeared on my tv last night, Singing " Do you know who I am"

    He also said something about me being a swamp dweller before inviting me to Graceland. Is Elvis dead, or playing a joke? Everyone I ask says that he is dead, Im not sure.

    What backs up my claims that Elvis may not be dead is reading a scoreline of Cambridge 2 Bradford 1, which makes it four in a row.

    Surely that is crazier than Elvis appearing on tv last night, and having a conversation. Have Cambridge really won four in a row? or is it alcohol rebound systemic modular psychosis.?

    Does Mark Bonner really exist? Are our bodies reconstituted light? Was Jesus a Tory?

    Elvis said that he was booking me a flight, if the tickets come, im in trouble. Meanwhile, I will be attending the Abbey again, when I get there, I hope it coincides with a game.

    If they win I really am in big trouble. Rupert Gardner, of Six Mile Bottom.

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    It’s now or never, Frank.

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