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Thread: Next up - St Mirren (again)

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    Next up - St Mirren (again)

    Motherwell and St Mirren will take to the Fir Park pitch on Tuesday to resolve their Scottish Cup replay. After the washout of a league meeting on Saturday the teams will hope that underfoot conditions have improved.- External Link

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    Intriguing tie with little to separate the sides on current form. Not that that's a compliment to either of course.

    St Mirren playing Hearts on Friday certainly won't hurt us though it's by no means certain that will help us significantly either. From Robinson's comments pre the league game, he's certainly not panicking and intending to stick with the same system with only minor tweaks. It's not what I'd do but as said before, there's a reason us nervous ninnies are showing their expertise on the internet rather than in actual professional football...

    Gillespie will obviously be in goals behind the same back four and I'd be amazed if Polworth isn't recalled. Watt will start up front given there's no other choice but to be honest the case against each of the front six is much stronger than in their favour so it's akin to pulling numbers out a hat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jwok View Post
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    For me that says it's off 100%. Heavy rain is forecast for most of tomorrow.

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    Clearly in doubt but I suspect we'll make a much bigger effort than on Saturday to get the game on and be more willing to take a risk with the pitch.

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