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Thread: Cavare gone

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    Jun 2016

    Cavare gone

    Gone for an undisclosed fee to FC Sion, wish he'd take Andersen with him to carry his bags and clean his boots

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    A shame in my eyes but probably for the best given the circumstances. At least he got a better send of statement than Stendel did

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    May 2016
    Good luck to him, enjoyed watching the games he played in as most we won!!

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    It was on the cards. Good luck to him, his contribution on the whole was good during his time here. Blotted his copy book a couple o times mind

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    Aug 2009
    Good in League 1. However, a total liability in the Championship. He bombed forward as far as the edge of the 18 yard box then was totally bereft of ideas, losing the ball or running it out of play. He had two let feet and was a walking card. Clumsy in the tackle and refused to track back or man mark.

    Good luck to the lad though.

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