Peterborough are planning a new ground, bigger and up to date. They expect to get it done in 36 months if there are no objections. The ground they have now is jaw dropping, and fairly recently improved. McAnthony is quitting soon, and posh have several Canadian investors.

I suppose im posting this out of envy more than anything. In business if you don't continually improve, invest, whatever it is you are doing will become defunct.

This is not meant as a criticism of Paul Barry who is investing some hard earned cash, but in all honesty it isn't enough. Keeping up with the Joneses by finding and developing talent wont work anymore, because the talent is very scarce.

The identity of clubs rarely changes, West Brom and Norwich are permanent yo yos. Uniteds identity from 2000 onwards is non league and struggling div 2.

That's not going to change soon.

Yoli of Bassingbourn.