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Thread: Robbed!!

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    Excellent performance today by everyone, well done! Actually proud of the lads today, I thought we where very good, against a decent team who really came at us, especially 2nd half when that wind played a big factor. We could've easily wilted like we have numerous times before. But the only way they got a point at home was a complete freak shot that normally goes in row Z flew in the top corner. Giving them a massive lifeline. The ref then handed them a really weak one which I felt he was conned. Their guy was already falling looking for it. You felt the ref was giving it, mainly down to the fact he'd given us one.
    Ours the defender and Raya dragged Buckley down and the ball was still live. It was actually a mistake by Raya after a decent save. Not looking at this through rose tinted glasses, I honestly felt theirs was a soft one. Johnson barely made contact and the player was falling into him ....and ball was going out of play.
    Armstrong was really good again, he is just on fire. Probably one of the most inform players at this level currently. I'll take his 2 goals everyday......but I did feel he had to put that one away one on one with Raya (take it round him!!) to get his hat trick and put us 2-3 up.
    That said, Walton (who was good & steady again) made a great save from Benrama just after.
    Fair result overall, a very useful away point to take into 2 winnable home games. The performance was strong today, ok we didnt end up in those play off places today after a win, but I feel thats coming. And we have hit solid form at the right time. We have nothing to be scared of playing and matching a side like them, who are admittedly one of the best sides in the division. We could be playing them in the play offs and should have nothing to fear.

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    Nothing to add to that, perfect summary..

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    Preston's next 2 games, both away. WBA midweek followed by Fulham away. They will do well to get anything from those games, and hopefully we carry on playing like we are.

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    The biggest let-down for me in NZ was bloody Sky TV! I was away for five days, so I set the match to record before I left. I then went through all kinds of contortions to avoid the football results.
    I got home a couple of hours ago, only to find that Sky had done one of its regulars classics, and - presumably - switched the game to a different channel. (A rugby match I'd set to record was also missing).
    I had to settle for a two-minutes highlight package.
    Happy with a point, but surely straight maximums from all the judges for the Brentford dive.

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