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Thread: Wembley Sunday

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    Wembley Sunday

    Reading the Man City forums they have nothing but loathing for us and I can totally understand why, I saw the mass of Villa fans near the closed Green Sunday afternoon and they made me ashamed to be associated with the majority of them, being in good spirits and enjoying the occasion is fine but over stepping the mark as a fair few drunk and drugged up Villa idiots did on Sunday in not acceptable, bottles where thrown over people towards the police when there were local people walking past with kids in buggies thank god none of them got hit, the police tolerance is to be commended as I myself would not just stand there while some prat high on either drink or drugs abused me, property was destroyed,
    I think Man City are a wonderful side and their supporters are a good bunch and the abuse I heard aimed at them after the game was uncalled for and unnecessary, Villa should find out the names of any fan arrested and ban them from Villa park, all tickets were sold to season ticket holders and members so should be easy enough to match names to tickets, Any Man City fans who read this I apologise on behalf of the 99% of the proper Villa supporters

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    Yes we are getting a bad reputation especially when it comes to drunken fights between fellow fans. Maybe its the new breed who just dont care, i dont know but your right, these must be season ticket holders, so ban them!

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    Seen our own fighting amongst themselves decades ago at away games, some of our support behave like utter bell-ends getting wasted and anyone around them in the seats & on public transport has to endure it. I just don't see the point of spending a fortune and travel, ticket & ale, only to miss the game and the chance of good craic with opposing fans.

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    I must say this is not the behaviour I saw on Sunday. All very good natured with City fans mingling with Villa before the match and afterwards at the train station where there were masses of both. I even stood next to them on the train back. I even wondered at how things had changed for the good since the 70s when fans were segregated to and from the match.

    That said, there was a lot of booze and as a result this sort of thing always flares. Happens in City centres every Saturday night and football is just an excuse. These idiot few should be banned for life.

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