It doesn't matter how they line up, what matters is the how you do it.

A game of football is about winning and losing. Its a mini war. If you win, it advances a players career, and advances the football club, bigger crowds turn up, bigger contracts are offered. Its win win for everyone.

So why not just do it.?

Its pointless running alongside an Orient player with the ball admiring their skill. If you haven't got the ball, get it back. This means tackling. This means taking the initiative, being aggressive, being dominant. What are the stats for Uniteds tackling against Carlisle? Cue the smash advert. Because a players game isn't about tackling it doesn't mean they cant.

Poke people in the back, if your close together the ref wont see it. Tread on feet, call them nefarious London nitwits. In a fifty fifty ball, go in 100%, make the ground tremble.

Win the battles, dominate psychologically, laugh at your opponent, belittle them. If they retaliate, go down like you've been hit by a hammer.

Get after them, hunt a player with the ball down, be a predator. Make them afraid. The chances of winning sky rocket, that's what you should be doing anyway.

Above all, tackle.

Reg of Waterbeach.