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Thread: Doug Shulman

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    Doug Shulman

    Doug was waxing lyrical about Paul Lewis, more or less saying that he should be re- signed because he makes late runs into the box.

    It takes more than that Doug, it takes at least some talent, which he hasn't got. The same could be said of Oneill, he plays in his own bubble, he doesn't attack or defend. Chesterfield played him as a right back, which is about right. Why we haven't played him there god only knows, especially when Knoyle was injured.

    Its probably because he wants to play in midfield. Thats alright then. The commentary team were saying that Lewis and Oneill were the best pairing in midfield, having said Carruthers was two steps above div 2.

    When Lewis and Oneill are released this summer we will be relying on the scouting dept who recommended these very expensive players in the first place, as well as Jake Carroll. So there you go.

    I notice Taft is on his regular holidays again. His catastrophic loss of form makes him unplayable, where is he now?, on an Australian beach with George I expect.

    Emotionally, temperamentally, and talent wise this squad is finished. They haven't the heart for it. They are doing a Dunne and Calderwood on Bonner now. Its like they down tools when they think they have done enough.

    I feel sorry for Barry, he is obviously happy with what he sees, im sure he sees every game over there, its on breakfast time. We have all been crucified for the last 25 years by this club, in fact crucifiction is a better option, that only lasts a couple of hours at most.

    There is a play called " Halfway to Hell", when watching United it is an underestimation of the distance. It is always a disadvantage when the ref blows for the start of a game.

    The club is trying to establish at youth level a hard to beat, hard working ethos, like up norf. And im sure they have succeeded.

    Except at first team level

    Gut it and start again.

    Bastian Ottovordemgstschenfelde of Trier.

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    A note for you lefties, you are finished. HA.

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