1.7 million quid slipped out of this club between 2017 and 2019 while managing failure. Does that 1.7 include the Manu money? Or not. Its all defendable in court, probably, no one is brought to book, that's dodgy in itself.

I suppose a football clubs money is like government tax payers money, lets all help ourselves. Had it been up to me, those forkers would have the men in black on their doorsteps in a moment. The accountant and the holidayer in Australia got away with it.

And we all pay for it, struggling in div2 and having to watch Paul Lewis, Reggie Lamb, and Harrison Dunk. Daniels getting fired is good news, that bloke to me is Kryptonite. He was on the radio when Derry was around saying how well United were doing at home despite being 3-0 down.

How MAD is that.

I hope Barry is a force for good, please. Am I going to die without seeing another league championship?. Bonner got the job which is good. We need a back four and midfield with the mentality of a Colin Baillie, a Carden or a Deegan.

A team of La Di Dah gunner Grahams will always lose. At most we need two playmakers in the team, the rest should be built like Panzers and act like it. A team like that will win games when they shouldn't.

Like BECKS teams.

I remember Alan Durbans team that won promotion from div4 with a record number of points a long time ago, early 70s I think. They had strength and unbelievable talent, we have to be something like that.

A thing Bonner should keep in mind is that Div2, and three quarters of div 1 are pap. When was the last time you saw a team in div 2 leave you breathless? Exactly.

He is super bright, div 2 is like a yawning open goal with Frank Worthington two yards out with the ball at his feet. Barry is putting some funds in for next year, sounds good to me.

Jasmine of Barton.