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Thread: I hope this post comes back and bites me on the Rse

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    I hope this post comes back and bites me on the Rse

    Folks, we’re sh1t, our squad is sh1t, our coaches are sh1t, our recruitment team are sh1t. They have been sh1t ALL season, they didn’t just wake up sh1t, and there’s fox all we can do about it.

    The time for DS to go was the beginning of December, to give the new man time to evaluate and then tweak in January. But alas our fate was sealed over Xmas.

    We had to spend big in the summer, we had no players. But 120 odd mill (before add ons which will not apply due to relegation) does not buy 14 premier league class players,

    Wasted money in the summer? Wesley, Luiz, Targett, El ghazi, Trez, Hause and Jota. Who the fox scouted them lot? Crikey, we knew El ghazi was inconsistent and weak, we knew Hause was a clumsy oaf. We knew Jota was lightweight and sh1t, we’d been steamrolling over him for the last few seasons. Targett, not good enough for saints, here lads we’ll give ya 17 mill. Trez? Owners pick. Wes & Luiz, well they are Brazillian, must have been the only tw@s on Cocacobanna beach when Suso was on holiday.

    Don’t even get me started on the January signings, Reina, thinks he’s Messi, but he’s just messy. Drinkwater? Should try and do exactly that. Samatta? Ok, but far too lightweight, needs a Davis like partner. Baston?, I give up.

    No, we were destined for failure from the start, and I was taken in, hook, line and sinker.

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    This is an absolute horrible read.. but it’s all ****ing spot on and can’t honestly disagree with any of it at this point in time..

    Didn’t expect to smash the league to pieces but didn’t expect us to be so bad..

    Not expecting anything from the Chelsea game and who in there right mind would but seriously these over paid douche bags need to give us a bit of hope surely ?

    Expecting some personal changes and most important some tactical changes eg jack behind the striker or behind 2 strikers and luis nowhere near the team cos he’s absolutely thrashing my head with his ****e passing

    Rename The thread “Get it out ya system “ 😂😂

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    I said before we look doomed and I would have taken a blues style cup and relegation as the cup stays with you. Slate me if you want but we messed up around and just before christmas, losing to teams around and at home. Are we really going to beat Arsenal, Man utd or chelsea at home? Nope. So can we beat Crystal palace, newcastle or west ham...maybe but not Liverpool or sheff utd away.
    Ive lowered my sights now and its well below the bar of 11 pts set by bongo.
    Max 5 points, 1 win 2 draws. 29 points total.....doomed.
    TBH we came up too early, we were shlt in the championship, stumbling around mid table until we for whatever reason, we went on a 10 win streak. Now 10 wins on the trot is great but its only equal 1/4 of a season.
    Leeds and west brom were far better than us and no surprize they are both heading up. We got lucky and took our chance but then we messed up, the signings were just average and now we are below average.
    The keeper thing has been one disaster after another.
    Guilbert looked amazing when he made his debut v Everton and has now drifted, lost, confused
    Mings...looked good but now?
    Luiz..........a big disappintment
    Trez, Elghazi, Jota...the 3 of them cannot equal one good winger!
    Drinkwater....sorry state
    Wesley.......shocking buy for 23million

    All this and Hogan is banging them in for the SHA, is that not telling you something is desperately wrong behind the scenes?
    Yes, just a bunch of average players, just what planet are the scouts and backroom staff from?
    Lost, no fight, no cohesion and certainly No Idea...

    It was brief, they all said it, we were doing a Fulham and they were right.
    Smith, one of us. Would never turn on him but massively out of his depth.
    Can see him back at Walsall when he leaves us and i bet he will think, wow what was all that about.
    Terry, please go back to Chelski
    Purslow, take that smug grin off your face.
    And still, the fans have been Amazing!

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    I'd like to know why, so many managers are apparently not good enough for villa and so many players come here and under perform. That's how it feels.

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    Something went wrong after the Man Utd game, up until then we had been playing positive football albeit in spells and taking the lead in games. Since then we have rarely put in a confident performance, relying on last gasp goals or hanging on as was the case at Burnley.

    The cup run was nice but let's not forget we played Liverpool's kids and it was only against Leicester that we were properly tested when Nyland's heroics kept them out.

    Brentford have swept aside Sheff Weds 5-0 at the weekend and are well in the hunt for the playoffs - does this give some credence to the argument that is takes time to build a capable squad or is it because they have improved under their current coach?

    I can to some extent accept a lack of ability as long as players give their all, they aren't - but what I cannot accept is how badly coached they are on the basics of when to play out from the back or get rid, defending set pieces and working defensively as a whole unit. How to keep possession, drop in behind the wing backs when we lose it and bl00dy movement for a throw in or incisive passing opportunity.

    I agree with all that has been said except that Nakamba is the one player improving in the side, but with that liability Luiz beside him we've no chance of protecting the back 4. I also like Konsa and wonder if he could move into a DM role.

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