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Thread: Whatís happened to Jack?

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    Whatís happened to Jack?

    Not been the same player for the last two games. Went missing on the biggest stage in Wembley and again v Leicester. Not a good time for him to lose form, either for his England chances or for our survival.

    ...or is he carrying an injury?

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    Playing on the wing waiting for the ball is not where Jack made his name plus I think he is being tapped up for UTD.

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    Might just be me but Iím sure there was a few times against Leicester he was asking for the ball yet didnít get it when he was in a good position to receive it !!?

    All that said he definitely has been quiet and donít think him waiting for it out on the left wing is doing him any good and it was obvious against Leicester e needed him more central yet smith does naff all about it !

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    He's not going to be brilliant every game and I suspect he is worn about by the amount of ground he has to cover. Thought he'd do well down the left with Targett and CH but nada. Agree he needs to be playing through the middle.

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