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Thread: Mansfield (A)

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    Mansfield (A)

    This could become a must win game if coronavirus means cancellation of the league. I cannot see football postponing games to an unspecified later date due to ramifications with next season, media and players contracts etc. Therefor whenever the league is cancelled the league position at that time may be taken as the final standings with no play offs.
    As for the game, this is the easiest (on paper) of our remaining away games and I think we will win 2-1.

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    Just keep on winning and then see what happens.If we do this the future is totally in our hands

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    Interesting idea TM. Recent declarations by the government suggest, in the short term, that they are unlikely to stop matches taking place. However, who knows?
    As for the game, I'm settling for 1-1. Hopefully Maynard hasn't got his shooting boots again
    Oh and thanks for starting a match thread. I was running out of things to say😉

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