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Thread: Tavern Lock-in :)

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    Tavern Lock-in :)

    Good morning lovely VM punters and visiting guests from other teams. This is your favourite (Well, your only) Tavern barmaid here.

    I hope you don't mind me intruding onto Villa Chat to announce that The Tavern is well stocked with Stella for Dazzy and Exiled, and any other tipple that our punters desire. Sunday lunch will be served from noon and peanuts and crisp boxes full to overflowing.

    I thought that with no football for the near future, and I'm guessing some will be having to self- isolate at the moment, so might appreciate some company in a guaranteed Corona safe zone to chat about anything you like. All sense and nonsense welcome, though I may have to call time on Bigfoot stories, Bongo.

    I've started a thread, but anything goes. Log fire roaring. Plenty of loo roll and hand sanitiser . I would really love to see you all there.

    I believe the first round is on Oz. Oooh doubles for everyone then?
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    Popped in mate, bit quiet in there.

    Just some 'vegan hippy chick' sitting in the corner making some shoes out of dock leaves.

    Looks like she needs a good beef dinner, only sayin loike

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    The last laugh will be on me, Mr Exiled, when people are fighting over the last leather shoe in the shop!

    Oh. And you were too late for Sunday lunch. But I've made a salad, especially for you.

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