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Thread: Sports you like to watch other than football

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    Sports you like to watch other than football

    I always watch the 6 Nations and the Autumn tests...I love the intensity and the drama. I've been to watch the Falcons a couple of times and watch some of the Premiership rugny games on BT Sport on a saturday afternoon although i wouldn't call myself a fan.

    The big Athletics meets are usually canny, especially the World Champs and the Olympics.

    Like to catch some of the UFC fights and the boxing when it's on council telly-not interested enough to pay the 25 quid or so that they charge and for some reason i can never find a stream that works.


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    I do like the darts and golf. I like watching the mosconi cup in december and always promise myself I'll go 'this year'.

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    I like to watch Tennis and Boxing.

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    When I was younger I used to watch almost every sport under the sun but amazingly as you get older watching them, a lot of them seem to get boring and repetetive. I'd name darts as one and tennis nowadays compared to the marathon duels of the 50's,60's and 70's.

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    Tennis and Badminton. maybe a rugby world cup

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    The odd rugby game, snooker, the odd grid iron game, Americas' Cup racing.

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    Rugby Union 6 nations and World cup are brilliant as are:
    Ryder Cup
    Big fights - boxing
    Formula 1
    England cricket - especially tests.

    Gone off tennis, darts and snooker over the years and don't like any US sports. Good call, cannylad, on America's Cup - I enjoyed that.

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    Hockey is on equal footing for me with football. Flows like football. Physical like football once was. Space and defense matter.

    Rugby as well.

    At this point, I would watch any live sports that were available to me. Tough to explain to my 5 and 2 year old why sports seemed to disappear over night.

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    Rugby, crickket, boxing Ryder Cup and Major golf tournements, tennis, athletics.......

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    NFL is the greatest sport for me. Ice-hockey of course because thats the sports that we fins can do

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