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Thread: Sky Sports

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    Sky Sports

    If you didn't know already you can pause your Sky Sports subscription, you can do it online.

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    Paused mine 5 years ago!

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    Me too TD

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    Living over here, the Sky Sports package has kept me sane for the last 16 years.
    The G.A.A. (on irish terrestrial tv) is ok on All Ireland day, but I have no connection or love for it, or the religious bigots that run the organisation.

    No, Sky Sports keeps me going. Don’t get me wrong, I hate the scouse bias of the pundit selection. I hate the urinal and spuds love in. Also the romance with citeh and foxing chelsea. But where else am I gonna watch the Cricket, Rugby or latest UK sports updates?

    Yes Sky has a lot of power, but not nearly as much as the ‘Putin run’ BBC, and ‘pick a tramp and make her famous’ Channel 4. I presume that y’all pay the TV licence to fund all this sh1te?

    I couldn’t bear to be stuck with just all of those sanctimonious, crying, gobsh1tes telling me to ‘be kind’, whilst flashing their repulsively huge ar-ses and pug ugly mushes. So I enjoy Sky Sports and Netflix every now and then.

    …Sorry for the ‘cabin fever’ rant, and to all posters with repulsively huge ar-ses and pug ugly mushes.

    Stay safe.

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