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Thread: What are we going to do now?

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    It was only a matter of time.

    There are five us us locked into our house and we are doing OK.

    Until someone suggested that we have a game of Monopoly. We normally have a game every five years and then realise what a bloody awful game it is. It usually lasts for around 3/4 hours and you can usually tell who is going to win within half an hour. The one who is winning insists that we finish the game and bore the pants off the rest of us.

    Afterwards we consider putting the bleeding game in the bin, but we always shove it away back in the attic for the next five years.

    Cluedo is marginally better and doesn't last as long, but I would rather chuff my pipe and do a bit of reading or seeing what nonsense you lot are posting

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    Be careful, there's a link going round for a live stream of Chris Martin from Coldplay doing a gig live from his home. DO NOT CLICK THE LINK - It will take you to a live stream of Chris Martin doing a gig live from his home.

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    Directive 63392B - a new ruling for tomorrow - to give you something to do - this image should be printed off and placed on full view in every room of your house...(just to remind us all - of the kind of Mob thats ruinning this Shlit.)

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