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Thread: Barflies - Youth Development

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    Barflies - Youth Development

    These are unprecedented and extremely difficult times for us all and it is also apparent that all football clubs are suffering huge financial constraints due to the suspension of all games.

    As you are aware, the Barflies annually donate 9000 to Queens in support of Youth Development, which we would pay normally pay at the start of a new season.

    However due to the difficult financial circumstances which Queens (and other clubs) find themselves in, the Barflies have today handed over to Queens, a cheque for 9000 as advance payment of our sponsorship of the Youth Development for next season.

    Stay Safe and we look forward to your continued support once we recommence the Lucky Letters and of course when we can get back to Palmerston to cheer on the team.

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    Good to hear.

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    Well done the Barflies . Other ways we can help the team at the moment are for example the watch draw . A beautiful Qos watch that only ten were made is up for raffle .

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