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Thread: O/T Songs You Won`t Hear On Radio At The Moment

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    O/T Songs You Won`t Hear On Radio At The Moment

    The Police.....Don`t Stand So Close To Me(But maybe we should)
    Genesis....Invisible Touch
    David Bowie....Let`s Dance
    Sam Fox......Touch Me
    Bruce Springs****....Human Touch
    Debbie Harry.....French Kissing In The USA
    *** Pistols....Hollidays In The Sun
    The Smiths....Girlfriend In A Coma

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    Bad Moon Rising

    close to you
    move closer
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    You give me fever.

    We gotta get out of this place.

    Anything by crowded house.

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    Bob Dylan....Blowing In The Wind

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    Taxman by Howdy, sorry Beatles.

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    Hopefully anything by Stormzy Dave Jayz ect... it's not racial I can't stand rap music.

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    Surprised that nobody has said "Panic" by the Smiths...
    Also "Bog Roll Blues" by the Groundhogs, although other than by the late John Peel possibly, it wouldn't have been played anyway

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    Posted a few on another thread t'other day.

    Transmission - Joy Division
    Isolation - Joy Division
    Stay Away - Nirvana
    My Iron Lung - Radiohead

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