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Thread: Quiz Time

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    Quiz Time

    Afternoon Crewe Fans,

    Hope you're all well, and not just regarding the current State Of Things. I've been making a few of these Pointless-esque Any Team But Quizzes, and linked below is the one for Crewe. I hope you enjoy it, and in some small way it helps to fill the void of having no football to talk about in the middle of March. I don't mind constructive feedback, just please don't talk about it below in such a way that gives out answer spoilers.

    Finally, if you do like it, links to equivalent quizzes on other teams are below. So far, they cover every team that has played in the EPL, every team that has ever played in a European Final, plus plenty more besides.

    In Peace and Solidarity,
    A Swansea fan

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    Thanks for this. Pretty difficult at first sight without looking things up.

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    Thank you, but almost impossible to answer without googling

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    I use sporcle a lot and had never thought to search for quizzes on the Alex - was surprised and delighted to find several, most easier than the one linked to, to be honest!

    Many thanks Badger - keeping me occupied for a while!

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