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Thread: Nine years ago Scotland v Brazil

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    Nine years ago Scotland v Brazil

    this weekend; took over the Drayton Park in London to host a two day party to celebrate the Scotland-Brazil game at the Emirates. The pub was just across the road from the stadium. A total of 615 tickets were sold for the two day event at 1 go.

    Owner of the Drayton Park, Mark Kitson said at the time: “I am looking forward to two days of hard work and fun as we make sure the Drayton Park provides the right atmosphere, along with enough food and drink, for the Scottish fans to really enjoy their time in London.”

    The bar was drunk dry and Mark Kitson was quoted in the Sun on the following Monday as saying he had never seen so much vodka pass over the bar in all his years in the trade.

    Check out some of the images taken on the trip

    Simple times; travel to London; drink hard for two days interrupted by football; head home.
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    Is there anybody who was there nine years ago still popping in now and then?

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