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Thread: Green Paint and Paste

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    Green Paint and Paste

    I finished stripping down a bedroom in readiness for decorating.

    Mrs 59-60 opted for sticking lining paper up and painting it with pale green emulsion.

    Two problems. We can't order paste on line for at least a week.
    Paint is practically unobtainable round here.

    If anyone should have a spare packet of paste and/or around 2.5 litres of pale green emulsion I am willing to trade with you.
    We can offer toilet rolls, soap or cash.

    Serious request.

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    Do away with the idea of painting over lining paper 59er. It's not got the body to take paint.
    My advice is take the walls down to the bare plaster, first coat white emulsion after repair with a proprietary filler and paint over with a second coat of the colour of choice.
    I can offer you 2.5 litres of brand new Dulux Silk emulsion in "Pebble Shore". Terms to be discussed.

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    Aug 2004
    Thank you for the advice - I'm not sure if the plasterwork will start falling apart if I give it a good going over but I'll certainly check it out.

    I had to fix a small area of damaged plaster but I wouldn't feel confident of tackling a large area.

    As for "Pebble Shore", well, She has chosen pale green so pale green it must be. During this, of all times, I must keep her happy.

    Perhaps we can run a sort of "swap shop" on here? We have literally hundreds of books of all descriptions and hundreds of films on DVD (and video!) that we could consider swapping for other stuff.
    I have practically every Burnley DVD/Video which was ever made.

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