Get prepared for when football returns - Stock up on PPE now!
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Thread: O/T FAO cam

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    O/T FAO cam

    Those survivalists over there are feeling a bit smug now I bet.
    Shelters. stocked up with medicines food et al.
    Armed to the teeth.
    No need to nip out shopping catching the bug. After all the ridicule they get.
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    Don't personally know any Crash but there are a few loonies around. Yesterday one bloke 'stole' a train (engine bit) and tried to drive it off the cliff and into the huge hospital ship that's docked in LA claiming the US was attempting a takeover (of what I'm not sure).

    As mentioned before, we live in an earthquake zone where a 9+ is possible any time. Supposed to be able to survive without assistance for 21 days, although not sure where they expect everyone to put the 84 gallons of water they say is needed for a family of 4.

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    Water in its pure form.

    But hydrate from canned drinks fruit juice etc.

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