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Thread: Virtual Half Time Draw This Saturday

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    Quote Originally Posted by arrol1919 View Post
    The official site is reporting they are doing it again for next weekend. Any idea what the money raised is being used for folks ? Is it for something specific like the Tanner Fund. With that we know what itís being used for at least.
    All the money raised by the tanner fund is going towards extra transfer funds for the manager to use next season. Some supporters questioned how would they know itís all going towards that or not. Obviously we still have some who donít trust the chairman unfortunately. Iím now wondering why so many fans last week backed the 50/50 draw idea without asking the same questions as before ? Whatís the money being used for ? Does it have the backing of the board ?

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    The virtual half time draw has the full backing of the club and board of directors.All money raised will go towards helping the day to day running of the club which with very little daily income will be a huge help.After all we all still want a club to support at the end of this horrible virus.
    Any questions regarding the draw please email

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