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Thread: Dutch league cancel 2019/20 season

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    Dutch league cancel 2019/20 season

    The Dutch Football Association “intends not to continue” the Eredivisie season after the national government extended a ban on major events until 1 September because of coronavirus.

    Ajax and AZ Alkmaar are leading the Dutch top flight level on points after 26 games, with Ajax ahead on goal difference.

    Dutch football’s governing body KNVB said in a statement it “intends not to continue playing the 2019-20 competition” but will consult Uefa before making a final decision.

    Earlier on Tuesday, Uefa said some European leagues could be cancelled “in special cases”
    “Based on the government's decision, the KNVB will consult with Uefa, after which the decision will be taken,” the KNVB statement continued.

    “The KNVB has not yet definitively cancelled competitions because of financial difficulties in the football industry due to the corona crisis.”

    Eredivisie clubs will meet on Friday “to discuss the consequences” of the decision, while training grounds will reopen “under strict conditions” so that players can train.

    “It’s a massive blow for all the professional clubs at the highest level,” Dutch football journalist Marcel van der Kraan told BBC World Service.

    “The Eredivisie was hoping they could resume. But we know it is impossible to organise matches with fans and the prime minister says it is not wise to do it without fans.”

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    Should be same here !! We wunt be relegated then

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    There’s talk of them trying to get the premier league started behind closed doors.
    I can’t see how this is possible, for one thing if you go along with this social distancing hows that work on the pitch? Footballs a contact sport.
    Plus if they let football start all the other sports bodies which are none contact sports are going to want to start up, Wimbledon, the open, cricket and the rest are all going to say if it’s good enough for football then it’s good enough for us and then how do you stop a group of lads having a kick about in the local park?
    Starting up football has a lot of knock on effects and it’s not just about the owners getting nervous about how much they’re losing.

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    Money speaks the loudest

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