I am sure it is news to you that Cambridge United have taken over St Neots of the southern league. We have installed one of our coaches as manager.

You could call it Uniteds second team as our youngsters play for them. St Neots thinks its too their advantage too, as they get pro coaching. This pro coaching seems to me the manager telling the players to press, and getting the players to play in their positions.

Youd think they would do that anyway. Teaching players to press is absurd. Football is a running game, you expect players to mark.

Not in todays game.

The reason I mention this is because Man city have just bought their ninth club, in Belgium, and paid off the 1.5 mill they owe. This means Lommel have a 1.5 million advantage over the other clubs in their league.

This cant be right. There is no rule against having money. The more you have, the more you can buy up everything.

There is no fair competition anymore. Colchester have taken over Maldon, and heaven knows what else is going on.

The difference between the have and have nots is getting bigger by the minute. Cambridge had a turnover of five mill, or did recently.

That's just enough to maintain league status. Just.

Its all mad.

Rav of York Terrace.