There is a website, with a forum, with extensive records of non league tables from 1945 to 1989. It has tables of every league going, someone has even totted up the wins losses and draws, and points out errors in compiling.

Till I was 13 and United got into the league, I grew up on non league football.

Even today the names. Canterbury City, Bexley Heath and Welling, Gravesend and Northfleet sets my heart racing. United send out a newsletter, and it the latest has old newspaper cuttings of photos from the paper of United v Canterbury City in the early sixties, Canterbury played with numbers on their backs in white squares.

The early sixties united played in V necks, a black V reaching well down the shirts.

Hillingdon Borough, Romford, Crittal Athletic, March Town United, Stowmarket, Ramsgate, it sends me into an orgasmic fit. Don't worry all you northerners, all the northern leagues are there.

In 1955 Beccles Caxton finished 9th in the east Anglian division one. They played against Harlesdon Town, Watton United, and Thorpe Hamlet.

Just imagine all those bus and car journeys to away games. All those dreams of the players of playing in the football league.

Of Carlisle United reserves in the North Eastern league, they finished 9th in 1948, or Yarmouth Town 10th in the eastern counties league in 1960. Eynesbury Rovers finished bottom.

I know how to show a girl a good time. When I lived in Stoke, I took her to a Burton Albion game. Burton in the old days even by southern league standards were rubbish. They had a decent wooden stand and terracing at both ends, not bad really.

Look at them now. I really am old.

Keef of Upper Gwydir Street. its worth a visit.