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Thread: Empathy for Chalky.

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    Youll get dumped by Sue if fif**** minutes is all you can do. Or is it five. 100 CC only goes so far. She hasn't seen you turn yet has she? Its only a matter of time. She may dump you anyway, you are about as interesting as a damp November in Skegness. You cant hide your serious disorder for ever.

    Do you have scars on your wrists?

    F uck off chalky.

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    Sue may well up and leave me at some point but it still would have been worth it because of the journey that she took me on plus there's also the fact that she's 14 years younger than me* and I'm punching way above my weight on looks so I won't ever complain,I took the precaution of always booking into hotels on our many trips away together as she thinks that caravans are gash and a bit chavish,thanks for the F**k Off Chalky as I haven't had one on here in ages

    If you look hard enough the scars are still there Frank if you know where to look but I don't give them much thought nowadays

    *Its not like a tazzy type thing...honest

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