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Thread: Mike Ashley to Wet Spam

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    Mike Ashley to Wet Spam

    Would be funny as ****, buying Gold's share

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    funny as owt! apart from the fact he's Mike Ashley, the West ham fans will be even more delighted given his previous/supposed allegiance to Spurs.

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    I've a wee soft spot for West Ham and certainly wouldn't wish fatso on them.

    I'm surprised he wants to be involved in football again and the West Ham fans certainly aren't known for taking things lying down. If he wants hassle-free ownership, he should by the mackems-they'll just grumble and moan online and not turn up.

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    Aye, same Zip.

    I personally don't see him getting involved in a football club again for a while.

    Unles a silent partner.

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    A mate of mine goes all over watching us, he says the West Ham fans like to taunt Newcastle fans with chants of only one Mike Ashley when we go there , so let them have him. See how they get on with him. Mind the tramps will be suicidal if he does go instead of buying them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zippity View Post
    and not turn up.

    I think he'd have a problem with that.

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    League 1 coming up with a plan today although they're not expecting to make a final decision.

    It'll be a classic case of clubs putting individual concerns over the greater good...never mind that some smaller clubs being forced to play the remainder of the season could go out of business because of the costs involved, the mackems want their chance to get promoted....sod the cost to anyone else.

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    Don't see him going to West ham at all

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