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    United have sold 612 season tickets for next year. I used to be like that, and buy one. On the website they have produced a educational pack for lockdown youngsters. Great you might think.

    This club is now run by the council.

    They had better do as there told or no new ground is coming. What has an educational pack got to do with winning football matches?

    The attitude of the board is like that of a socialist council, tripping over themselves to do good. There is a paradox in helping to much, it creates dependancy, and destroys self esteem.

    There is no shame in begging and constantly wanting more. Standing on your own two feet is not wanted in Britain. Ably supported by socialism.

    When is the board going to discuss football things, like actually being a success. A football club is not a community resource, its there to win games.

    That's its core business. As for buying a season ticket....nah. Your losers Cambridge United. Just look at the last 25 years. There is no shame in that either. The money will be wasted on educational packs.

    Jack of Perne Road.

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    Ive just noticed this thread has nearly a thousand hits. Good grief. Mental health is breaking out. Its not the mental health you like though Mr United.

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