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Thread: Harry’s heroes, Euro having a laugh.

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    Harry’s heroes, Euro having a laugh.

    I was expecting this three part programme to get a mention on here, and was surprised it didn’t. An enjoyable three part programme on much the same lines as the first programme several months ago. This time , Harry seemed to take a back seat and let John Barnes take over with the instructions. Everyone who watched this programme would have been more than familiar with all the players and their backgrounds. As before , it concentrated as much on the troubled times of some of them, how they’ve overcome their personal problems, and got their lives back on track in the meantime. Always good to get a win over any German team at any level. I remember Wales playing Germany here in Cardiff, watching some of these household names in their heyday. ( And going to watch them training and getting all their autographs afterwards with our two children.) They really were top players at the time. I hope in future, that there is another follow up programme, maybe against Scotland or another big name in European football, as I fully enjoyed this entertaining programme. Anything to do with British football on tv ,has surely got to be a bonus , especially during these abnormal times.

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    My problem is I can't fu-cking stand Harry Redknapp.

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    Any reference to footballers or ex-football managers being heroes puts me off straight away.
    Oh, we've earned lots of money, had problems but we are trying hard so now we are heroes ---I don't think so!

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Bedlington Terrier View Post
    My problem is I can't fu-cking stand Harry Redknapp.
    East End Fly boy,you either like him or loathe him.Gets on TV,does adverts.His house in Sandbanks probably in the name of his dog.Sandra must be a saint.

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