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Thread: Wembley Revisited: 30 Years On

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    Wembley Revisited: 30 Years On

    For those that may have missed it.

    Notts vs Tranmere remembered by Neil Warnock, Craig Short, Tommy Johnson and Les Bradd.

    Quite an entertaining watch.

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    Thanks for that Jeekay, enjoyed that!

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    Fantastic that was. Love them all. Great bunch of guys and a fabulous time it was to be a Notts fan.

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    Enjoyed that.

    To think the first Wembley win was only 6 years after we'd last played in the top flight, felt like an eternity at the time.

    The fans took to Neil very quickly and the stand out memory has to be the night match in the season he first came in to keep us up when the lads at the back of County Road did the "Warnock, gives us a wave" chant and on this occasion he got up off the bench, stepped forward, turned around and bent over to show his arse. Stopped short of pulling his tracksuit bottoms down thank goodness but with the possible exception of Mad Dog, I can't imagine any other manager doing that.

    Glad they mentioned Dean Thomas a few times because he really did make a big difference, Bartlett too deserves a special mention but they were all good lads. Not one bad player.

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    ... after the game, as Wembley slowly emptied, who remembers NW sitting on the centre spot soaking up the atmoshere to echoes of the Wheel Barrow song? Didn't want to leave Wembley that day ...

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    It was a great day with a great team. We can have those days again, that's what I live in hope of.

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    30 years! That's frightening.
    I was living in London at the time, I remember it being a casual tube ride. No big deal.
    Not many memories of the game. I was level with the 6 yard line to see Short's goal (but on the other side), it seemed all over then although it was pretty early in the 2nd half. I loved the fact we won a play-off final, but I didn't like Wembley (then and for other visits).
    The video is a very good watch. Just how often does Warnock 'slip' people money!?

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    What exactly has this got to do with politics?

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    I was happier after this than the Brighton game. Seemed like we’d been in the deep, dark hole of the third division for far too long, playing rubbish like Brentford and Bournemouth. The old Wembley was a dump though.

    I think the phrase is ‘how times change’.

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