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Thread: Masters

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    Quote Originally Posted by Milburn9 View Post
    Release the Pboro, would love to hear his views.........
    Not a bloody chance!!

    as for Masters, he's an arrogant, supercilious, patronising twat. It wouldn't have cost him anything to throw us the smallest of bones-he wouldn't be breaking any NDA if he'd just said something along the lines of 'look, we know this must be frustrating for NUFC fans but we need to make sure this is right'.

    But nah, fuck us is their attitude.

    Premier League are a bunch of cunts.

    (I am cross, can you tell? )

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    I'm glad he never said anything. The lies we have had to put up with and clickbait, they would have had a field day with any hint or little comment.
    One tonight saying they have broke copyright showing past NUFC Cup games in Saudi. Quickly shot down as the season they are from they had TV rights for that year.
    Plenty more bullsh1t to come yet, depends if you have the interest to read it. I don't.

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